Get your baby a sterilizable bottle squeezer



For all of those expecting mothers, new mothers, or new families, this is an awesome opportunity for you guys. The baby bottle squeezer is an amazing product that you need to have. Babies are so special! The process of feeding them can be a wonderful bonding experience for parents and their children. Weaning your baby from the bottle to the spoon can be a sticky situation. However, our innovative squeezer bottle makes the transition so much easier.

This amazing product can function as both a bottle and a spoon, if needed. To use, simply load the bottle with pureed food, squeeze some out onto the spoon, and feed! Super easy and convenient. It is no ordinary bottle. The multipurpose design and spoon allows you to easily feed the young one with ease. The suction cup on the bottom sticks to surfaces meaning less of a mess. The rubber spoon protects those precious gums while costuming them to utensils like spoons. There are three different colors to suit your liking. So don’t waste your time cleaning and spend more with your young one. Get yours today at for a limited time


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