Why python is trending these days?


Python is one of the high-level programing languages going on these following years but what makes it one of the trending language.The answer is quite clear.

1)Its very easy

Its easy beacuse it was made for kids but these days its been used from kids to big companies like NASA,Google,IBM and many more projects you see everyday.

2)Most paid language across globe in 2017

Doesn’t means you always get highly paid it means it means its ranked in highest paying progaming language then other languages like c++,javascript and other languages. Following is the chart of most paid programing languages in 2017.

3)Faster development

As go to more higher languages less time of code is required. This is the same case with python. If you need 6 lines of code in java to open a file you just need 3 lines to do the same. Well its much easir and fast.


Why write so much when you can get written codes in Python thousand of libraries. Python provides you alot of libraries to save your time and work. It provide you with packages like if you use image you have pillow if you use database you have SQL alchemy and thousand of more. What will you do if you get a bug while using libraries thats easy peezy Lemon squizy! These libraries are open source so you can either you can pull request or you can form the repo. Hight of benifits huh!


If you will learn python you don’t  need to worry about job beacuse there are Plenty of Jobs for Python programers.so cheer up so you don’t  need to worry python has saved your future.



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