This new Feature will help users to find Fake News on WhatsApp


Whatsapp Inc is continuously working on Spam Detection feature to curb suspicious messages from spreading on its platform.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has started testing the new feature as part of beta version 2.18.204 on Android platform.

This new feature will help WhatsApp users identify spam links shared. WhatsApp will automatically detect whether the link that a user receives is spam or real.

WhatsApp will prompt their users about the suspicious link with a red label which will  indicate that the link is spam. If the user decides to open that specific link, WhatsApp will prompt them again for asking the user if they want to proceed further.

The WABetaInfo blog post further added that every time WhatsApp analyses a link, it does it locally without sending any data packets to its servers.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp told Reuters that it was educating users to identify fake news as well as considering changes to the service with a public beta test in the works, that was working towards labeling any forwarded message.

Whatsapp recently used in India, with fake messages about child abductors on WhatsApp led to a series of lynchings and mob beatings.

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