New York Times spoils Batman and Catwoman’s wedding


Batman and Catwoman wedding

New York Times (NY Times)spoils the Batman #50 comic which contains the details of Gotham’s city hero Batman and Catwoman’ wedding.

In an article of NY times, ‘It Just Wasn’t Meant to Be, Batman,’ the newspaper spoiled the anniversary issue.

The article addressed the upcoming issue which reveals that Batman is standing left at the altar by his future bride, who assures that marrying Bruce Wayne is the best part of her life.

“To save the world, heroes make sacrifices,” Selina tells Bruce in a letter. “My sacrifice is my life. It’s you.”

The NY Times story terminates with the two of them leaping off of different buildings, as they mostly do, with Bruce throwing off his tie after waiting an hour and Selina throwing off her veil.

Tom King later tweeted on the premature reveal.

In Batman #24, Selina Kyle was proposed by Batman with all of the issues building up to their wedding.

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