The Liar Indians


Indians are not only Liars in it’s politics but they are also liar in entertainment industry weather it’s business or drama or film industry. Ashir is an independent artist of Pakistan.who makes Original songs as a Singer and composer . Recently He contracted with the Indians and as ever Indians betrayed with Pakistan in every field so they showed themselves not being loyal with the artist too. Ashir tell us that first he sent the demo of the song “Kaise bhula dun” to Indian Label ” Saga music ” to promote it and to make its video.They Listen the demo and like and then they took the song from artist even it’s rights and contracted to promote and make a video of the song.

At first they delayed or transitive it and than they promised to made it’s video in future.After wait of almost one year they release it without any promotion or video.At that time artist was unable to promote any local platform to upload at least on other YouTube channel . Ashir claims about not to release his song they again betrayed him. He also mentioned that I got the disloyalty in reward of struggle and hard-work. Ashir said that If Companies like any artist Song so don’t do fraud with any one Because If Company like work Its means they understand that Song is professionally done well and artist spend money and hardwork and Ashir told us that no one only his Father helped him and give him a chance to work on his own choices and profession.  
So that he was able to made his original music. His wish is to illuminates His motherland by his over nationally and internationally.

Regards, Ashir

Author: Ashir, This article is all about the author’s point of view, The Crunchy Trends does not endorse authors view.


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