Chainsmokers trends by dark side this time


We all know chainsmokers new song ‘sick boy’ is trending. Its music video got 5.7M+ views in just two days. Music video was released on Jan 17,2018 and after two days we saw it on top of all other music videos. Chainsmokers had chosen the darkest side rather then there previous romantic and pop hits.
“They say that I am The Sick Boy, easy to say when you don’t take the risk, boy.”
Seems like selfie guys have something to say to there haters. But why? We will help you with that. In past fes days chainsmoker DJ Alex Pall is accused to be cheating on his girlfriend tori woodward. Tori has posted a CCTV footage of Alex Pall and another woman.


Later on, when chainsmoker were said to be racist when they were working in china.During the chat, Alex Pall was asked as to whether or not he was going to bring his dog, Cheddar, along on tour with them, to which the hitmaker replied
“I try to but she’s really, like, really ill behaved.I mean, if she could come anywhere, I’d bring her to…” continued Alex, who later finished saying “Well, I don’t know if I’d bring her to China”.
After that Alex has to apologize for being racist. They posted a video saying:

But even after these apologies chainsmokers were not spared by America.  So they said no more apologies and present America’s narcissism in one song. Looks like pop singers gotta have a mature start of new year. Well lets see how public reacts to this.

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