5 Best Cars in the World you must know


Best Cars is absolutely the best search topic on the internet. Most people wishes to know about best cars in the world. So we picked out 5 cars all representing different segments of the auto market.

A vehicle must prove to be outstanding all-around performers — living up to the publication’s stringent road testing, exhibit reliability, consumer satisfaction and most importantly safety in order to be the best vehicle.

In other words, these cars, “have won our admiration, and we recommend them with confidence,” Consumer Reports wrote.

So lets have a closer look at Customers Reports’ Top Picks:

5- Small SUV: Subaru Forester

Tested Price: $28,231

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Subaru has been on a roll in recent years. And the Forester crossover has certainly played a major part in the brand’s success.

“The Subaru Forester sets the standard for small SUVs, combining relatively roomy packaging, solid reliability, fuel efficiency, and easy access,” Consumer Reports wrote.

4- Large Sedan: Chevrolet Impala

Tested Price: $39,108

best cars

Chevrolet Impala takes home the prize as the best large sedan. It has a rich look and then publication was impressed by the Impala’s supportive seats, refined ride, roomy cabin, amazing shape and responsive handling.

3- Mid-sized SUV: Toyota Highlander

Tested Price: $42,120

best cars

The publication went on to praise the Highlander’s overall functionality, reliability, appearance and safety.

“In this competitive segment, mid-sized SUVs have to do it all well, and none do it better than the Toyota Highlander,” Consumer Reports wrote.

2- Luxury SUV: Audi Q7

Tested Price: $68,690

best cars

According to Consumer Reports, the Audi Q7 is the highest scoring SUV it has tested in recent years. The Q7 offers luxury sedan like refinement, performance, and comfort in a three-row SUV. Moreover, the Q7 feature’s Audi’s world-class infotainment technology.

1- Compact pickup: Honda Ridgeline

Tested Price: $38,670

best cars

The Ridgeline’s roomy cabin, smooth ride, ample storage, and innovative touches make its rivals seem outdated. Due to such functionalities it earned back to back 10 Best awards.

The publication wrote “CR’s engineers found the Ridgeline drives more akin to a sedan than its roughneck rivals. It also handles far better than any compact or full-sized pickup, and achieves a 20-mpg overall, shaming all non-diesel trucks for fuel economy,”.

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