Meet the Animal which looks like Goat and Stag


There are many types of animals, some of the animals are pf cross breed. Due to that their appearance is same as the other animals. Meet one of the cross bread animal which looks like goat and stag. The animal is Saiga Antelope.

Saiga Antelope
Saiga Antelope

In North America, Saiga Antelope is becoming prey of hunters due to which their generation can end from the world. Authorities are looking for safety measure to protect this animal. These type of animals are found in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in Asia and Southeast Asia.

Saiga Antelope
Saiga Antelope

Locals hunt them for acquisition of their meat and horns. They are used in traditional Chinese medicine. Saiga Antelope can run 80 miles per hour, especially when it feels a risk of becoming a prey.

Saiga Antelope can live from 6 to 10 years, but normally their age is less then the expected.


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