Careem VS Uber, All the worst situations I faced with their Service


In Pakistan, the modern cab system was started in 2016. There two big rivals Uber and Careem, working in Pakistan. Both are doing a good business in Pakistan. But earning lot of money is useless until your customers are satisfied from your service. I have used both of the services. Today, I will tell you the worst situations which I faced while using these cabs.


As I am an Islamabadian, Uber became operational in Islamabad by the mid of 2017. I took many rides on Careem. Once I booked a ride from my home for Rawalpindi. The captain was too rude, he arrived on some other place and I got a notification that your captain is arrived. I called him and asked to reach me then he took directions from me on call and reached me in 20 minutes. I sat in the car. I travelled 26 Kilometers in 1 hour. I asked the captain to end my ride. The captain asked me to pay 935 rupees, the estimated fare was 289-309 rupees. I paid 935 rupees to the captain, then I called on Careem’s helpline and told them about the whole scenario. The customer care representative asked me we will add the extra amount in your wallet within 24 hours. After 3 days I checked, there was no balance in my Careem’s wallet. Then I again called them and asked to refund my money, the representative assured me that we are working on it and hanged the call.

After an hour, I got a call from Careem, their supervisor told me that we have added 623 rupees in your account. I thanked him and ended the call.

Careem Extra Charges
Email of the Careem’s representative.

Then after a week I again got the same amount in my account and a mail with a message that we have added the dispute charges in your account. At that time, I called Careem and asked them there is a misunderstanding, you people mistakenly added some money in my wallet. The customer representative’s behavior was so rude, I asked him to transfer my call to her supervisor but she refused. At the same day, I took a ride and then the charges for that ride were paid from my wallet. I again called Careem’s helpline and asked them to deduct all amount including the ride I took. After having a long conversation of 10 minutes, the person on the call realized their mistake and thanked me for raising the issue. He deducted the amount and then I got negative credit of 380 rupees in my account.

Another worst situation, which I always faced with them is Peak factor. Normally, at my place I use to see 2.5 to 2.9 Peak factor. Once, I booked a ride on there was no peak at that moment, The captain reached me, I sat in his car. The captain told me that I am unable to start the ride, because he wanted me to cancel the ride. I called on helpline the customer care representative’s behavior was unethical he did not listened to me and booked me a ride with 2.9 peak factor. When I booked the ride the estimated fare was 120-140 rupees and on peak I got charged 400 rupees.

The third worst situations is that sometimes your captain remain still on a point and another one is some of the captains asks you to cancel the ride. So let me tell you, In careem if you cancel a ride within two minutes of your booking then its okay otherwise you will get a surcharge in your account. Most of the times, I faced these situations with them.


Lets move on Uber. Uber started their operations in Islamabad by the mid of 2017. Once I booked a ride from Daewoo Express (near Nust EME), the driver called me that I am in F-10 and I will reach you in 10 minutes, I said Ok. I waited 30 minutes and called him where are you? He said I am on GT-Road. I asked him to pick me from Daewoo Bus Terminal. He said I won’t come, You have to come on GT-road. I said no and then he started talking rubbish. I reported him on Uber’s app and got a useless reply from their support.

Uber drivers often do not return you the change mostly when they have to return you coins. The Uber app is not having a wallet, as Careem have. The extra money goes into drivers pocket. If we talk about Peak Factors, then Uber’s Surcharge criteria is much higher than careem.

Uber Credit Card Payment Method Issue
Reply of the Uber’s support on my question

Once I added my Visa card on Uber, I booked a ride and paid with my Card. Uber took that money from my card and on my next ride they again charged me for the previous ride for which I paid from my card.

I raised an issue with their support about the charges and how can I remove my card from payment method, as I tried to remove my card but I was unable to remove it. Again, I got an irrelevant reply from their support and now my card is associated with my Uber’s account.

So these are the worst situations which I faced with them. Now, I will tell How you can avoid Peak factors in Careem.

How to avoid Peak factors in Careem

Whenever you see the peak factor on your location, just move the pin location to any nearest place and you will see no peak or a lower peak at some locations around you. Book a ride on that location and then ask the captain to reach at your actual location.

Another solution is that wait for few minutes and check it again there would be no peak at your location.

How to avoid High Price situations in Uber

As for, Uber, there is no solution to get rid of this price hike, only you can do is wait for few minutes and check it again.


Both of the taxi system has some pros as well as cons. But at least their fare is lower than a normal yellow cab. One more thing I want to add is that the females can have a secure ride with both Uber and Careem.


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