Electric car production is giving green light to Tesla and have planned much more.


You must have heard about All-Tesla race car series is set up to launch its electric cars. We have something new to tell you these cars are going to get green light by an organization behind it called Formula one according to FIA.

Engadget reported that The Electric GT Series another production of The Electric Car Series has been in Planning in previous 2 years. Well, does this means that they want electric vehicles from different manufactures should race there car against each other. Maybe, this new Tesla Model S P100D is a start. Recently Tesla Model S P100D has passed the crash test, so it’s officially approved, Motor Sport.

Engadget also confirms that there are going to be more companies electric motor launched soon. Jaguar is also reported to unleash their electric car series. So maybe other companies would also like to compete these automobile manufactures for example Porsche, Lucid, and Infiniti so how can we forget BMW is not going to be seen in this competition.

The Electric Production Car is said to be having Racing Weekends where all these cars are going to have some challenges. First they have to go through three heats and then to 37-mile races. Race power of this series will be maximum of 585kW. After that, Drift off competition will give two drivers and fans will vote for two drivers who are going to compete in drifting competition and winner will get Three extra championship point.


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