Government of Pakistan to Launch its own Cloud Data Service


As the world is moving towards cloud computing, Pakistan has decided to built its own cloud storage. The National Telecommunications Corporation (NTC) and VMware Inc, a subsidiary of Dell has signed an agreement to develop Government of Pakistan’s cloud.

A cloud storage contains large number of storage resources connected via internet. Cloud Storage is hosted in a data center where authorized people can access the data using internet.

According to NTC, this agreement will allow the IT and telecommunications service providers to improve the country’s IT infrastructure. With VMware’s digital foundation, NTC will further expand the government’s capabilities in cloud adoption, which will enable easy access to cloud based services and deliver fast and better services to the citizen.

In September 2017, NTC and VMware signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), which enabled NTC to use and test VMware software to accelerate digital transformation within the public sector.

NTC and VMware partnership also aligns with the Pakistan’s Vision 2025, which aims to construct a knowledge economy with the help of technology and innovation.

According to this agreement, VMware will empower NTC to develop a government public cloud that will deliver virtual cloud storage services such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), it will be able to recover the data after a man made or natural disaster like Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) and the cloud system will enable the organizations to secure the employee use of mobile applications such as Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions.

These cloud services are meant to offer agility, mobility, flexibility and reliability. By using these services there will be 100% uptime and the data will be backed up 24/7.

“We are dedicated to setting up a technology-enabled public sector that can constantly meet the needs of citizens and keep up with the pace of change. With digital transformation being a top priority for many businesses in Pakistan, we are confident that the G-Cloud will facilitate greater innovation, improve citizen engagement, and create opportunities for digital growth in individuals and organizations across all sectors in the country,” NTC Managing Director Viqar Rashid Khan said.

“VMware software connects, manages, automates and secures digital infrastructure to reliably deliver the applications, services and experiences transforming business and society. NTC is now at the forefront of delivering a G-cloud that is able to provide world-class digital services for the government. We are committed to supporting NTC’s digital journey to enable efficient and scalable public-sector services that are responsive to citizens’ needs,” said VMware Country Manager, Nascent Markets and Vietnam, Daniel Choo.

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