Imran Khan’s third marriage, From Bushra Maneka to Bushra Khan


Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan, who is famous for winning ICC World Cup for Pakistan in 1992, gets married with his spiritual healer Bushra Bibi (Bushra Maneka). I must say she is now Bushra Khan. This is Imran’s third marriage, his first marriage was held in 1995 with Jemima Goldsmith, this marriage ended in 2004. After 11 years, In 2015, Imran Khan tied his knot with Pakistani Journalist Reham Khan, this marriage lasted for 10 months.

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The rumors of Imran Khan marriage with Bushra Bibi was coming out from the last month but PTI chief denied and said I have proposed Bushra Bibi and waiting for her answer.

Who is Bushra Maneka?

Bushra Khan, the mother of five children, three daughters and two sons. Her both two sons are graduates from Aitchison college Lahore. Her elder daugter is married to the son of Punjab’s MPA Mian Atta Maneka.

Bushra Bibi was previously married to a custom officer Khawar Fareed Maneka of Pak Pattan. Their marriage ended few months ago, the rumors claimed that Imran Khan is behind the divorce of Bushra Bibi but the former husband of Bushra clarified in a video message that Imran is not responsible for all this.

The News Journalist Umar Cheema claimed that Imran Khan got married with his spiritual healer Bushra Maneka in January 2018. Last night, PTI official twitter account posted the pictures of Imran Khan’s Nikkah with Bushra Bibi.

According to PTI, the Nikkah was held on Sunday 18th February 2018 in which close relatives and friends were present.

Wishes on Third Wedding of Imran Khan with Bushra Bibi

Many of the people are congratulating PTI chief on his Nikkah with Bushra Bibi, we have compiled the tweets of some famous people.

Reason of Imran Khan and Reham Khan Divorce

Imran and Reham who got married in January 2015, got separated after 10 months of their wedding. The main reason behind their divorce was the political activities of Reham. Now Imran’s new wife Bushra Khan has stated that she won’t be performing any political. She will stay at home.

Criticism on Imran Khan’s Third Marriage

I don’t know why people are criticizing Imran Khan on his nikkah with Bushra Khan, it is Khan’s personal matter. I do not belong to any political party but being a Muslim and Pakistani, I must say this criticism should be stopped.

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