KPK’s First DNA Lab Inaugurated


Finally, first DNA lab is inaugurated in Khyber Medical College today on 06th Feb 2018. Now all forensic test can be conducted in KPK, previously test samples were sent to Islamabad and Punjab.

The lab paved they way of DNA tests for the whole province. The lab was built in 2016, which had 40 million rupees development budget. Unfortunately, the lab was nonoperational due to lack of DNA kits. Initially, 300 DNA kits were bought but those kits got expired, just because of this DNA samples were sent to Islamabad and Lahore.

Authorities said the problem in buying DNA kits was due to delay in letter of credit from bank. Now a private firm is paid 2.3 million rupees for 600 DNA kits, from which 4 kits are already imported in Pakistan. Those 4 kits will conduct 400 DNA tests.


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