A Shameful moment for Pakistanis: Makeup Trend increased in Pakistani Men


Men Saloons have become an industry in Pakistan. Which proved by the increase of Men saloon by 50% in Pakistan. In past, men use to stay simple they avoid going to the saloons and barbers but now the trend is changed. Now they feel proud on getting groomed by Saloons.

According to AFP, Men saloon business is the profitable business in Pakistan which is getting increased day by day. The reason behind the rise of Men saloon industry is Electronic Media, Social Media and the desires of Men to look gorgeous. Now men feels pride in doing makeup.

There are lot Women and men saloons in Pakistan, in which they can have their self groomed.

The most strange thing is that Men saloon industry is increasing rapidly in Pakistan. I don’t know whats happening in Pakistan. We forget the teachings of our religion and adopted all of the activities of West. We went to Saloons but don’t have time for Namaz. Daily we spend lot of our hours on social networks but cannot recite Quran for an hour in day. The burger society of Pakistan, is moving our nation in the dark.

My opinion may disappoint you but its the reality. As a nation, we are lacking behind the world. We are focusing on makeups and while other nations are moving towards prosperity. Grooming yourself will not make you successful in this world. You hard work will make you successful.

Instead of wasting money in Saloons, you people must eat a healthy diet. A healthy diet can make your looks amazing. But people want instant beauty and the saloon is right place for that. Western world adopted all good things from our religion and we adopted all of the bad acts of them.

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