Apple all set up to launch 3 machines with T-series processor


According to the source, Apple is all set up to launch three security co-processors for 2018. one is said to be desktop while two will be updated versions of MacBooks.

Since 2010, Apple is designing there own processor which provides them whole control over there products.

Apple is unveiling new chips every year since 2013. In 2013,the company introduce its first tracking movement in the iPhone. In 2017, Apple also introduced its first GPU integrated into the A11 bionic chip and W2 wireless chip for the latest iPhones.

After iPhone Apple is going to use there own processor for mac. Rumors says that Apple is working on there own modem to push out Qualcomm and Intel.

Bloomberg says:

“Apple Watchers believe it’s just a matter of time before the company designs the entire CPU,at which point Intel would lose its fifth-largest customer”

Apple will keep integrating its T-Series co-processors into more laptops ans desktops. The report further says that this year Apple will launch three T-series machines which will be having high security and management. Currently, T-Series are found in MacBook Pro, where process all Touch Bar functions and touch ID, and in the new iMac Pro.


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