Saudi Arabia hosts its first-ever fashion week


Saudi Arabia is gradually moving towards the modernism, as they hosts the first ever fashion week at Ritz Carlton Hotel Riyadh where Fashionable Women, Blonde Europeans and dark haired Saudis are present to attend the event.

There are well known Models and makeup artists preparing for the inauguration Arab Fashion Week who expressed surprisingly about the venue of the event which is a Muslim Country.

“We are so excited because this is the first fashion week in Saudi Arabia, so we are making history,” model Anita Dmycroska said.

The modern face of Saudi Arabia is coming under Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who is allowed cinemas to be open and women driving.

This is not a full independence, still there are some restrictions such as Photography is banned, only women are allowed at catwalk events. Saudi Women wear Abayas in Public places.

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