I don’t Know Who is Sachin Tendulkar, says Jeremy McLellan


Jeremy McLellan, the US comedian who always support Pakistan. Jeremy is also known as Pindi Boy. Recently, an Australian journalist Dennis Freedman asked Jeremy McLellan about Sachin Tendulkar, Jeremy straightly replied I don’t know who is Sachin Tendulkar.

Jeremy McLellan is the most entertaining person who has already won the hearts of Pakistanis by trolling fans of Indian Cricket though he wouldn’t admit he use to troll them.

You do not have to listen one hour long conversation, Just listen the following podcast.

All that they want to know is that the American fella doesn’t know who Sachin Tendular is. Yes, that is exactly what he told Dennis!

“I have no idea who is that,” said McLellan when asked about the former Indian captain.

“You have just triggered about 1.6 billion Indians,” Dennis warned  him after explaining that Sachin Tendular is the finest cricketer or so they think.

“Well if i haven’t heard  of him,how good can he be,” said Jeremy.

Last week, Former Indian cricketer Kapil Dev was asked a question related to the tweet of former Pakistani skipper Shahid Khan Afridi and Kapil replied Who is Shahid Afridi?

The Pakistani cricket fans got angry on Kapil’s statement. Now Jeremy has taken the revenge of Pakistanis.

Now we have to see the reactions of Indian cricket fans on Jeremy’s recent statement. Few years ago, Russian Tennis Player Maria Sharapova did the same thing, she said I have no idea who is Sachin Tendulkar.

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