Naked mole rats have some benefits for humans


Naked mole rats are not said to be very appealing but scientists have already found some special things in them like they are immune to cancer and at low level of oxygen they enter in plant self-preserved. Another fact about this creature was they can even live without oxygen. Now scientists claim this specie to have another uncommon quality.

Scientists has now discovered that these rats don’t even age or they don’t age like other creature.

Scientists have used several data points and observed they don’t meet other creature aging point. Data is said to be impressive that scientists have name this animal as “Non-aging mammal”.

Naked mole rats meet maturity but their bodies don’t follow their age pattern. Individual rats topping 30 years of age, scientists don’t have data beyond that so maybe the reason behind this phenomena is delayed-aging mechanism.

Even if that were the case, and the rats rapidly aged once reaching a certain point, it still would be an incredible news because if they found out the reason behind this non-aging fiction, it will be benefit humans as well.


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