Renowned Pakistani Actor Sajid Hassan’s Hair Translpant gets him into a trouble


Famous Pakistani Actor Sajid Hassan had a worst experience of hair transplant. A video of him went viral on social media, where he narrated the tragedy which happened to him two months ago. Sajid said his friend (surgeon) have been pleading him since last 9 years to have a hair transplant from him. Sajid had a hair transplant from him and before the surgery no medical tests were conducted.

Sajid said, after getting the surgery he continuously get towards illness and ultimately had an infection on his head. Sajid went to that Physician and stated all the problems. The doctor told him everything is alright.

He said that the doctor kept cleaning that infection with saline water. In this video, Sajid shows his head and said now this is the situation which I am facing with that doctor’s negligence. Me and my family are suffering from a severe tension.

Sajid further said the purpose of this video is to aware others that not to hand over your self to a wrong guy. Before proceeding for hair transplant, you must do a research on all areas and then choose the right physician. Otherwise you will face the same situation which I am facing.



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