Secure your children future by just one step


Recently a search has established that instead of sugar and fat salt is harming children every day. According to American Association of Pediatrics (AAP) an estimated 3.5% of all children and teens in United States are going to High blood pressure problem and even starting to have this problem at age 3.
Parents these days says no to cookies and instead give them popcorn in snacks which exceeded there daily need of 75% of salt and also sodium which lends to high blood pressure. Table salt is said to be having sodium and chloride which are essential of children health but tin a small amount this amount increases because sodium is often found in daily products. Sodium is just not in potato chips, pretzels, processed foods and fast food it’s also in items we daily use like bread, breakfast cereals, pre-pared vegetable soups, pasta sauces and canned food like beans, chickpeas and cheese too.
Sacher (writer of bestseller in US) writes in her book
“Don’t be fooled—one cheese sandwich can contain 1,000mg of sodium or more. That’s already the entire daily allowance for three-year-old in a single sandwich. Add a slice of ham to that sandwich and you are way over the limit”.
To avoid such problems check if there is a nutrient claim on the front of the product package. If it says the product package is reduced in sodium that means it has at least 25% less sodium than the regular product. If it says that it has low sodium it means in has 140mg or less sodium per serving, it has 35mg or less sodium per serving.
Taking the time to check the nutrition facts panels and make few easy tweaks to your children will secure their future.


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