The Devel Sixteen 5000HP – Monster powered by hellfire


The Monster from hell, Devel Sixteen, almost near production phase now as its second prototype was launched in Dubai at Motor Show and full production is expected around late 2018. This insane vehicle claims to produce 5000 HP using an American Steve Morris Engine built especially for it. The engine is a 12.3l Quad Turbocharged V16 which on Dyno has been tested to produce 4,515 HP as the Dyno couldn’t take more power… and why should it? No production car has ever produced such figures. Even the Bugatti Chiron produces a massive 1,500 HP which compared to the Devel are just small numbers on paper.

Devil Sixteen at Dubai show

The assembly and carbon fiber body will be made in Italy by MAT – the producers of Apollo IE. Devel Motors have claimed that this car will be produced in 3 versions; a more tamed 2000 HP street version costing $1.6 million, a 3000 HP costing $1.8 million and lastly a beast from hell with 5000 HP track only version costing $2.1 million.

Side View of the Devil Sixteen

All claims aside, it’s still a mystery whether this super high performance concept car is going to be written in history books or will end like some other mind-blowing claims made before by other manufacturers.


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