Toyota Camery 2018 Specs, Price and Pics


Toyota is one of the famous car maker in the world. Now Toyota has launched a hybrid version of Camry. Usually people are saying it Camry 2018. This model of camry is the best of all in mid-size sedans. With increasing interest of buyers in sedan and SUV cars, the Toyota has manufactured this model with hybrid technology. This step of Toyota get them on the top against their rival companies.

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The new Camry 2018 has improved the styling, fuel economy, safety features and much more.

Camry 2018 is among the safest cars on the road today. The cars has been carried from several crash tests and the results passed Camry.

Toyota Camry 2018 Price

When it comes to price, the car is not much expensive in abroad. The starting price of Camry 2018 is $23,495.

Toyota Camry 2018 Price in Pakistan

The price of Camry 2018 in Pakistan is not same is it is in International market. In Pakistan, the starting price of Camry 2018 is 8,299,000 Pakistani Rupees. If we compare $23,495 with 8,299,000, there’s a huge price difference. The international market’s price $23,495 is about 2,598,899 in Pakistani rupees. The reasons behind high price of Camry 2018 in Pakistan, is due to taxes rate in Pakistan.



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