TV Anchor Iqrar ul Hassan stepped in on his 2nd Marriage

Iqrar ul Hassan Wives
Iqrar ul Hassan with Wives and Son

Renowned Tv anchor Syed Iqrar ul Hassan shared pictures of his both wives along with his son.

Few days ago, Iqrar ul Hassan’s second marriage became a hot issue on social media and people were saying that Iqrar has kept his marriage hidden but the anchor said I am hiding this marriage.

Iqrar ul Hassan Wives
Both wives of Iqrar ul Hassan

Iqrar in said in a video message that my Nikkah was taken place 5 years ago. At that time no one asked me and now people are making issue. Its nothing wrong to marry, first wife was agreed on this marriage. Everyone knows about my marriage. My both wives are happy, I am living a balanced life.

Iqrar ul Hassan second wife with son pehlaj
Iqrar ul Hassan second wife with son pehlaj

Iqrar said, Why people are shocked? This is halal then why people are shocked. I did a right thing. If people will keep on doing this then next time I won’t tell any truth about me.

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