Volkswagen to setup electic cars in Rwanda


After investing in South Africa, Nigeria and kenya German car makers are in Rwanda to try there luck with new electic cars.
Manger director of VW said in a press conference in South Africa that he thinks they have cime to right place. The attention,focus and will combined with the supportive government is all they need to set up there new project. Despite its depocratic deficits Rwanda inverstor friendly climate show it is really “darling of the west”.
VW decides only to assemble parts in Rwanda,as with the Kenyan project. Parts will be imported from South Africa, in one phase 1000 cars are expected to be assembled which will include the Polo, Passat and SUV models.
This invesment is going to be highly beneficial for Rwanda as they are going to invest 20 million dollars. This project is going to provide Rwanda 500 to 1000 Jobs. The cheif executer officer of automaker know that not much people in Rwanda will be able to afford these cars so he plans to introduce car remting and sharing with capitol Kigali wiht help of an and smartphone. Seems to be if everything goes with the plans rwanda is soon going to see electic cars on there roads.
Schäfer said that they often skip development steps in developing counties like Rwanda furthermore he says “We’ll start with what we have already announced. But of course we’re already looking at the next phase and I think that we this should be easy to implement in a country like Rwanda and a city like Kigali.”
Rwanda agrees with Schäfa plans. This country aims to protect there environment from pollution and so VW electic cars are excatly fits in.


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