Which Brands took Super bowl?????


Not everyone has nailed the super bowl some has gone way too far successful and some has lost their chances in bad way. The Philadelphia Eagles triumphed the New England Patriots at this year’s Super Bowl. Off the field, humor and nostalgia achievement as brands open for lighthearted messages in a departures from last year’s politically permeated ads.

One of the Winner of championship is Brand Janet Jackson. At the early halftime Justin Timberlake performed for quite not so famous wardrobe malfunction with Janet Jackson. People started a social media protest for Jackson getting pressure for nip slip with hashtag #JanetJacksonAppreciationDay. Till the game reaches the second half hashtag reaches use of about 77,000 times for which 91 percent sentiment carrying positivity in comments, Brandwatch. And how can Spotify remains unnoticeable.

HQ also remain unnoticeable when it announces to give away $20,000 which was given away at one time when two million people tuned into this real-time trivia app. So 2 million people attention aimed at their phones a huge profit but this doesn’t remain through whole game. Audience dropped to one million when Justin Timberlake took off the stage for Pepsi halftime Show “No nip slip tonight, just high quality trivia”. By the end of H game, the app was still commanded by 250,000 views.

Tide, a laundry soap Brand also took a place in Super Bowl when second screen with commercials in every quarter that references past Super Bowl popular ads featuring Stranger things cast David harbour. Harbour asks viewers to question every ad passes by because in every ad clean clothes are because they were washed by Tide.



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