Facebook introduces Blood Donation feature in Pakistan


Facebook being the world’s biggest social media platform, launched a new Blood Donation feature in Pakistan. It made it easier for the people to sign up to be a blood donor and to help connect these donors with needy people or organizations. The company has successfully launched this feature in Pakistan as well as in Bangladesh, India, and other nearby countries.

“People using Facebook in Pakistan will be able to sign up to be blood donors either on their profiles or by visiting facebook.com/donateblood. All information will remain private and set to Only Me by default, but people can choose to share their donor status more widely. This feature will be available on Android, iOS and desktop,” Facebook’s press release said.

How does it work:

In order to be a part of it, user simply has to Click here. After the link gets open, user has to click ‘Start Helping Now’.

After this user will be asked to fill a short form in regards to your blood type and if you have donated blood ever before or not.


facebook blood donation

When you click on ‘Submit’ you will be registered and you’ll see this message:

blood donation feature in pakistan

Even you can share the life event with your friends in order to aware them and motivate them!


blood donation

“Pakistan, like many countries, has a shortage of safe blood. In some cases, this shortage means patients and their families are responsible for finding donors to replace the blood they receive from blood banks or hospitals,” the press release stated.

So donate blood and save lives.

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