What is Vero? Why Everyone is moving to Vero?


What is Vero?

Vero is a social app which is now trending on Apple’s App store. Vero is a Latin word which means truth. Vero was created Ayman Hariri in 2015. The Vero app got famous this year in February.

According to Vero, their members from cosplay and tattoo communities are moving to Vero from other social networks. At Instagram, there is a hashtag #Vero which is used by Vero users on Instagram to tell their followers to catch them on Vero.


Now there are more than 1 million users on Vero. Due to excessive load Vero app gets bugs and errors.


So how does it sounds? When you signup on Vero with your name, phone number and email – because there are no username intergation on Vero. At Vero, you can not only share your photos but you can also share music, links, books, places and movies. Vero shows feed in a chronological order. Just like other social networks, Vero verifies the accounts of Celebrities and public figures.

Is Vero Free to Use?

According Vero, they place a ‘free for life’ offer for their first 1 million users. Now they have crossed the target. But now Vero has decided to welcome their new users with free offer but the company said they may charge a small subscription fee in future. The most interesting thing about Vero is that this app free of ads and bots.


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