FIA arrests suspect involved in Malakand Child Pornography


Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency has arrested a suspect being involved in Child Pornography in Malakand.

According to Dawn News, A senior official of the Malakand district administration told Them (Dawn) that a five-member FIA team visited the District Headquarters Hospital, Batkhela, as part of investigation into a child pornography and blackmail complaint.

The official said the administration provided support to the FIA, which arrested three suspects and shifted them to Peshawar.

Charsadda Police also said that they had arrested two people who were stripping a girl. Police Official Nazir Khan, had a press conference where he said the incident was happened in Mian Killay on Thursday, when Wasif and Azam entered into a house and stripped a girl and filmed her on a mobile phone’s camera. Khan further said that the suspects ran away after the happening of earthquake.

The girl’s mother has lodged an FIR against those two culprits. The police said that those two criminals are in their custody and their mobiles has been sent to Forensic Lab.


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