From Instagram to Regram


If you want to make your friends see any meme, post or any kind of info you just click on share and here you go. Similarly if you want to share a tweet on twitter you press retweet button and your followers can see that tweet but what do you do if you want to do same on instagram??

Last year instagram CEO Kevin Systrom sais they are determined that The photos you take, post, and share on Instagram should be your own.
He told wired

Decision is about keeping your feed focused on the people you know rather than the people you know finding other stuff for you to see.

There are many Instagram lovers out there who probably find something special on instagram what do they do if they want to share that piece of fun with thete followers? Well here it is… You can now regram on Instagram.


Since instagram lovers are using third-party applications to add features on there pictures, they again have to use a app for regraming. For this prospect you have to Repost, one of the most popular app used for instagram(which is free on IOS and Android) it adds a watermark to the original photo to show where its root.

How to Regram?

You copy a link to the Instagram photo you want to repost (tap the three dots at the upper right corner of the post to copy the link).Then open the Repost app. The app adds the watermark and saves that version of the photo to your Camera Roll, then opens Instagram where the original caption is pre-loaded. Simply edit the photo or change the caption there and then post it.

Editing in Regraming

You can change caption as it suits you. But unfortunately you can’t change the filter. If orignal picture has a Juno filter and you want to use Valencia, can’t help that.

Copyright issue

One problem in instagram You should give credit to the originator. By including watermark to your picture you give a acclamation. But still stay safe by maybe asking the poster to avoid copyright issues.

Soon you will get to know about another feature on which instagram is working from which you will be able to share post directly to your story. So stay tune to crunchtrends for more updates.


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