Homeland ending with Season 8, says Claire Danes


Claire Danes, the star of covert ops series ‘Homeland’ has just announced that the show is about to end after the completion of Season 8 in 2019. The thriller series ‘Homeland’ has received marvelous success in all of its previous season. But on this Wednesday the star Claire Danes has released the news about the completion of series with its next collection of episodes in the 8th season.

Claire danes, homeland star

When the actress was asked about the end of stunning series, she just replied with these words “Really Conflicted” about it.

In a radio interview of Danes with Howard Stern on Wednesday, Stern asked a question to Danes that will season 8 be the end of the series, and Danes simply replied, “Yeah, That’s it”.

“She’s a lot, this Carrie frickin’ Mathison. She’s under constant duress and it’s a workout.”

“So I’ll be ready for a reprieve from that, but I’ve never done anything this… I mean, I’ve been married for as long, maybe longer.”

Alex Gansa, the showrunner of the series had previously said that season 8 would be the last for him, while by doing so he is providing an opportunity for other character arcs to develop independently of his involvement.

When we talk about the prizes won by the series ‘Homeland’, then it’s quite interesting topic. Because ‘Homeland’ has successfully won 6 awards since its debut, and the interesting part is that 2 of them won by Drama star Claire Danes for being the best leading actress and been nominated a total of 5 times.

In a 2010 HBO TV movie, being a renowned portrayal architect and designer temple Grandin ‘Danes’ also won a Golden Globe, as well as she was also the part of intergenerational drama “The Hours” in 2002.

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