Child abuse: How to protect your children from child abuse


What is Child abuse?

Child abuse or child maltreatment is sexual, physical, or psychological maltreatment or neglect of a child or children, especially by parents or other caretaker.

There are 4 different types of child abuse:

  • Physical abuse
    • Physical abuse occurs when a child is at risk of suffering or has suffered, non-accidental physical trauma or injury.
  • Sexual abuse
    • Sexual abuse occurs when an adult, stronger child or person uses their power to involve a child in any kind of sexual activity.
  • Emotional abuse
    • Emotional abuse occurs when a child’s emotional, social, or intellectual development is impaired or threatened.
  • Neglect
    • Neglect may occur when child’s basic necessities are not met, due to which their health and development are affected in some way.

How to protect your children:

Discipline your children thoughtfully:- Remember that discipline is an important way to teach your child. Give yourself some time to calm down before discipline your child, never discipline when you are upset. Use privileges to encourage good behavior and time-outs to help your child regain control.

Its important to keep an eye on every person:- Keep an eye on every person because the abuser can be a stranger and cannot be. In most cases almost 90% of abusers are not unknown, just because they are not unknown its easy for them to take some action against your child.

Minimize opportunity:- Make it sure don’t leave your child alone with anyone (with driver, uncle, maid, servant etc). You can obviously reduce the risk of abuse If you eliminate opportunities for children to be alone, one-on-one situations.

Teach your children about boundaries:- Talk openly with your children and make them comfortable so that they can share their every happening with you. Often children keep abuse a secret, so talk openly about our bodies, sex, and boundaries, this can really help them to share.

Teach them about body parts:- It is the most important way to protect your children from child abuses. Teach your children about the private body parts where nobody can touch or see. Being able to identify body parts helps children in being able to express and explain themselves. Try to memorize your children about important body parts where no one can touch except parents.

So be careful about your children and make them memorize on some regular intervals that how to tackle with such critical situations.

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