How to restore ‘View Image’ option in Google image search


People use Google image search to hunt for images all around the world over the internet. Recently an update has been made to Image Search from Google. After this update ‘view image’ option to show images in full size has been disappeared. Google has removed this option in order to make it harder for people to download copyrighted images, and it let you expand and save images, and people aren’t happy by this.

view image button
Google removed this view image button as a legal settlement with Getty Images

How to get it back:

If you want to get this option back, you don’t need to take any complex steps. All you have to do is just add a simple browser extension for it all. The extension has been developed for two of the most used web browsers, Google Chrome as well as FireFox.

Here are the links for both the browsers to add this extension:

click here to download for Google Chrome.

click here to download for FireFox.

After clicking on link according to your browser. Click on ‘ADD TO CHROME’ button, and then click ‘Add Extension’, then extension will be install automatically.

view image opiton


That’s it – now you can test it out by searching for an image as you normally would, and you should see the ‘View Image’ button back in its rightful place.

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