Microsoft has some good news for workstations with its new Windows 10 update


Microsoft launched windows 10 pro for workstations last year, but it was only for server grade PC hardware and power users. This year Microsoft is about to launch a new power scheme to windows 10 pro for workstations, enabling power users to get more out of their machines.

This new feature will available in new update of Windows 10, which will be most probably release in March or April. It’s specially designed for high performance workstations, and contains new power management features to ensure performance is at its best.


Windows Insider Chief Dona Sarkar explains

This new policy builds on the current High-Performance policy, and it goes a step further to eliminate micro-latencies associated with fine grained power management techniques, As the power scheme is gear towards reducing micro-latencies it may directly impact hardware, and consume more power than the default balanced plan.

This feature is only available on workstations. This won’t be available on battery-powered systems. Its for Windows 10 Pro workstations, so gaming machines won’t be able to enjoy this feature thus they already have Game mode for windows 10.



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