Inter-Family Marriages are the cause of Genetic Disorders


In Pakistan, marriages within clans and among cousins are main cause of genetic disorders. Dr Muhammad Farreduddin of Indus Hospital Karachi said in a press conference. The purpose of this press conference was to create awareness about rare diseases caused by inter-family marriages.

“A major reason for inherited disorders are inter-family marriages,” said Dr Fareeduddin. He further added that genetic disorder are the main cause of abnormalities. He said more than 350 cases of genetic disorders are diagnosed in Pakistan. However, only 10% cases have been successfully treated in Pakistan.

Dr Fareedudin said that we need to create awareness about the such diseases caused by cousin marriages. He urged about genetic tests of couples before marriage.

He further said that few of the genetic disorders are curable with treatment and those patients can live a normal life. However, the treatment of those disease is too much expensive. Dr Fareeduddin said that these disease are treated under partnership programs with private companies. Dr Fareeduddin urged authorities to take initiative so that such patients can live their normal lives.

Sanofi Genzyme, A bio technology company which is providing free of charge facilities for diagnosis of genetic disorders in Pakistan.

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