Now you can eat 24 Karat Gold Ice-Cream


California’s ice-cream parlor ‘Snowopolis’ has introduced their new product ‘gold ice-cream’. Gold ice-cream is made of 24 karat gold. Gold ice cream is of $14.95 per scoop and is available in limited stock.

The owners of ice cream parlor said that we use to prepare ice cream with lot of are even the biscuit of ice cream is pre-sprayed with 24 karat gold dust.

As for health is concerned, the gold used in this ice-cream is pure hygienic and edible.

“Most likely edible gold won’t be absorbed from the digestive system into the bloodstream, and therefore it will pass through the body and eliminated as waste,” registered dietitian Cynthia Sass explained. “But this may depend on the size, amount, and frequency consumed.”

The ice-cream parlor ‘Snowopolis’ posted a picture of gold ice cream on Instagram.

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