Chaiwala ‘Arshad Khan’ is now back with a new Show


Arshad Khan known as ‘Chaiwala’ surely symbolizes a motivational rags-to-riches tale. His candid photo pouring tea in Islamabad’s Sunday bazaar went viral on social media which made him a celebrity within days.

After his sudden fame, most brands wanted to capture his striking face in their campaigns. In his new journey Khan made his modeling debut and got featured in a song video with Muskan Jay.

In Pakistani movie ‘Kabeer’ he also got the leading role and was spotted while doing workout in gym for his role in the flick. Even he made it to the list of Most Sexiest Asian Men 2016.

But it has been almost a year the famous Chaiwala is missing in action. In this regard we did some stalking to find out what chaiwala is doing now a days.

After it all we discovered that he is now shooting for his own show ‘Chaiwala & Friends’. Have a look at some pictures at the set of ‘Chaiwala & Friends’.

chaiwala & friends

arshad khan



Cast of the show include Malik Aqeel, Ali Fateh, Layla Zuberi and TV host and actor Mariam Salman. Company is progressiong through attending film premieres, interviewing celebrities, and by visiting some new cafes and restaurants.

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