Pakistan sacrificed 70,000 lives to put an end to terrorism, says Mamnoon


“Pakistan was in the hold of psychological oppression, yet its people put a conclusion to it with the participation of the armed force and at the cost of thousands of lives,” the president said at the inauguration ceremony of National Sports City here. 

“History demonstrates that exclusive those countries progressed where individuals played in play areas. Games instill positive reasoning among the young and create positive exercises.” 

He said that there was no deficiency of ability in Pakistan and the administration was building grounds to end social indecencies. 

The administration was additionally arranging a positive future for the youth, and an undertaking like the National Sports City here was no place to be found in Pakistan. 

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal likewise talked on the event, and expressed gratitude toward the president for going by the place where he grew up of Narowal. On the event, a cordial match was additionally played between PCB Eleven and President Eleven.

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