Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ teaser hints at new Camera Features


galaxy s9

Samsung’s Galaxy S series have been tremendous till now but some modifications were required if we talk about its camera. Now a fresh report suggests that the camera on the company’s upcoming Galaxy S9 and S9 plus smartphones will be quite different from its previous devices. The company has released several videos presenting different functions of the camera. Company’s Korean YouTube channel has also shared three teaser videos highlighting the capabilities of both forthcoming smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, both will be unveiled on 25 February 2018 in Barcelona, will likely feature an improved camera performance along with a new 3D Animoji-style feature.

Company wrote on its website “Imagine a camera that can see more than your eyes — one that can help you capture every moment and change the way you experience the world. We didn’t just update the camera. We rethought the entire camera experience.”

The newly released 30 second teaser video dubbed as “The Camera Reimagined” which shows us things that are apparently also being reimagined. The point is, the word “reimagined” hints that the upcoming Galaxy S9 camera(s) could be much more than just refined and will entirely be different.

The other video clips released recently teased the new slow-motion and low-light abilities of the Galaxy S9 camera. The video below showcases speed. In the end part of the video as when the “9” appears, time slows down to a crawl which is apparently a reference to a slow-motion camera, so don’t forget to watch the end part.

This video shows high-speed, low-light prowess and also suggests that the S9 could sport iPhone X-inspired “Animoji.”

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