Sweden Muslim woman wins case for not shaking hands at a job interview


Farah Alhajeh, 24 years of age, was applying for a vocation as a mediator when she disputed to shake the hand of a male questioner for religious reasons rather she put her hand at the heart to welcome the questioner as Muslims stay away from physical contact with individuals from the contrary sex, aside from those in their close family.

Response to which, The Swedish work court controlled the organization had oppressed her and requested it to pay 40,000 kronor ($4,350; £3,420) in remuneration.

Farah was charged by the organization in the place where she grew up in light of the fact that this remained against the fundaments of sex uniformity regardless the administration contended that staff were required to treat people similarly on regular grounds and couldn’t enable a staff part to reject a handshake in view of sexual orientation.

To this, the Sweden’s work court took a position that organization was defended in requesting rise to treatment for both genders – however not in requesting that it be as a handshake as it were. Additionally, the he court couldn’t help contradicting the association’s statement that Alhajeh’s way to deal with welcome would cause an issue for viable correspondence as a mediator.

The European Convention on Human Rights likewise ensured her position, it stated, and the organization’s strategy in requesting a particular welcome was inconvenient to Muslims.

“In my nation… you can’t treat ladies and men in an unexpected way. I regard that. That is the reason I don’t have any physical contact with men or with ladies. I can live by the tenets of my religion and furthermore in the meantime take after the guidelines of the nation that I live in,” Alhajeh stated her perspective.

Summing everything on one point, handshakes are a conventional method for welcome in some European nations. be that as it may, hostile to segregation enactment may restrict organizations and open bodies from treating individuals contradistinction in light of their sexual orientation.

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