Why Anushka Sharma’s film ‘Pari’ banned in Pakistan?


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Bollywood star Anushka Sharma’s movie ‘Pari’ has been banned in Pakistan.

Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC), based in Islamabad, has banned upcoming Bollywood horror film ‘Pari’ from being screened in cinemas across the whole country. The decision has been taken by CBFC because the content of movie promotes black magic, along with some non-Islamic values and anti-Muslim sentiments.

“Pari’s script, dialogues and storyline go against our Islamic values. The concepts within Islam have different ideologies about magic. This film stimulates the viewers in favour of black magic and promotes thoughts that are contradictory to our religion,” a statement by a senior member of CBFC.

Mobashir Hasan Chairman of CBFC, while addressing to Dhanak said that the film ‘Pari’ contain some scenes that featured Quranic verses as well as Hindu Mantars to counter magic which is totally unacceptable to Muslims in Pakistan.

Chaudhry Ejaz Kamran, the Pakistan Film Distributors Association’s chairman agreed with CBFC’s decision and said that “Any film that goes against our culture and Islamic history should be banned in Pakistan”.

Surprisingly, the Censor Boards based in Lahore and Karachi had already passed ‘Pari’. They found nothing objectionable in the film and it was passed by them with Adult rating but its officials will again review the film due to the decision taken by CBFC.


In this perspective Nueplex Cinemas also posted on their facebook page, “We have just been informed that PARI has been banned by the Central Board of Film Censors, Pakistan. Hence the film will not be screened at Nueplex Cinemas. Tickets already sold can be refunded from our box office. We apologize for any inconvenience caused”.

So what we can conclude about this whole scenario is that film Pari got banned due to some religious point of view. As according to CBFC film contains some inappropriate content which is not suitable to Muslims in Pakistan.

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