Do you Know why this horse owner Rejected Salman Khan?

Siraj Pathan Horse Saqab
Siraj Pathan with his Horse Saqab

People think that nobody rejects bollywood actor Salman Khan but here’s a man who rejected Salman Khan’s 2 crores offer for his horse Saqab.

Salman Khan offered 2 crores to Siraj Pathan, the owner of Saqab, horse of a rare breed.

Salman Khan is not the first person to bid on that horse, before him Badal family of east punjab offered 1 crores and 11 lacs for Saqab but Siraj Pathan rejected their offer.

According to Siraj Pathan, an agent reached him with Salman Khan’s offer. After that a builder offered him 3 crores but he rejected.

Pathan said, the horse Saqab is has an average speed of 43 kilometers per hour and on ride Saqab moves on a single position due to this the rider enjoys a comfortable ride.

One other reason of Saqab’s fame is that this horse is rare. There three horses of this breed in the world. One is Saqab in India, the other one is America and third one is in Canada.

Siraj Pathan bought this horse from festival in Rajasthan for 14 lacs, when Saqab was only five years old.

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