13 Years old Boy Killed in Chakwal, by a relative on monetary dispute


13 years old boy Haroon shot Dead in Chakwal

Chakwal: A thirteen years old boy, Haroon was killed on thursday by his relative. According to Haroon’s family and police, He was being harrased by the killer since last few months. The incident took place in the victim’s house. A relative of the victim opened fire on him, due to that Haroon died on the spot and his mother and uncle got injured.

According to Dawn News, “A relative of the victim said the suspect fired 5-6 rounds, two of which hit the deceased child. An accomplice of the suspect was waiting outside the house during the incident, he said”.

According to the victim’s family, the murderer is a British citizen and he might flee to England. However, the police said that the killer successfully escaped from the crime scene and we are having raids and search operations in different areas to find that culprit.

The victims relatives said that they have been harassed for several months by that killer, he have been asking them to return that money which he lent us to purchase some land.

However, family said that we did not borrowed any money from that relative, as the financial matter of that land was already settled. In past, the family had also informed the police about the alleged harassment of their relative.

According to Dawn News, “A source in the police department told DawnNews that the suspect had been arrested during the last few months on complaints from the family, but was released due to pressure from high-ups “.


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