Significance of Pakistan-Canada relations


Canadian  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday issued a statement on Pakistan’s Independence Day.

“Today, we join the general population of Pakistan and individuals from the Pakistani people group in Canada and around the globe to observe Pakistan’s 72nd Independence Day,” the announcement said.

“Canada was one of the main nations to build up discretionary relations with Pakistan in 1947. The general population to-individuals ties amongst Canada and Pakistan are more seasoned still. Individuals from what is presently Pakistan initially moved to Canada over a century back and, from that point forward, our associations have developed and extended.

“Today, Canada and Pakistan cooperate on various worldwide and territorial issues, including environmental change, security and resistance, advancement and flourishing, exchange and venture, administration, and vote based system.

“In the interest of the Government of Canada, Sophie and I wish everybody commending a cheerful Independence Day, and welcome Canadians to think about how the Pakistani-Canadian people group has made Canada a more grounded, more effective nation,” the announcement read.

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