Comsats University is Mining Cryptocurrency by using your Computer


Comsats is among one of the top institutions of Pakistan. Yesterday, I visited their website When I opened that page, I saw a cross on armour shield on the right side of the url. I clicked on that icon and a message “This page is trying to load scripts from unauthenticated sources”, was appeared.

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Comsats Cryptocurrency Mining
Screen grab of

Then I clicked on load unsafe scripts to check whats happening on Comsats University’s Website. The site with unsafe scripts loaded and then their SSL’s Padlock got disappeared. As previously when unsafe scripts were blocked there was a padlock with a text Secure left to url. Now there is written Not secure instead of Secure. Then I checked my CPU usage, my System’s CPU usage was rising from 30 percent and it ended up on 100 percent. I got them that Comsats is using my PC for Cryptocurrency Minning.

Comsats Cryptocurrency Mining
My CPU usage on

What is Cryptocurrency Minning?

Before going in to details, let me tell you about Cryptocurrency Minning. Basically it is the process of digging and verifying the transactions on public domain which is often called as block chain. This process releases a new coin for miners. Most of the people have installed heavy machine in their homes or other places to earn using Cryptocurrency Mining. But some of them are doing it secretly by using our systems.

Comsats University Mining Cryptocurrency

Officially this process has nothing to do with the institute. It is being done by the webmaster or webmasters team of the Comsats. Comsats is being run by Comsats Technologies. Today people are greedy for the sake of more and more money. As they can do anything for it. Now the person who is running these malicious scripts on Comsats, will be getting some crypto coins from this step. Because Comsats has a huge number of daily traffic. The miner is much intelligent guy, as directly he/she cannot place ads on Comsats website, so he did this by using scripts which are not visible to the visitors.

I hope the concerned authorities will look in to this matter to get Comsats website safe for visitors.

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