Get your Laptop on Installments from Government of Pakistan


As we all know that 100,000 laptops are distributed every year under the PM laptop scheme. The students of universities who are awarded these laptops are selected under different CGPA requirements. Not every student can avail a chance for award of laptop under PM laptop scheme. If you are among those who haven’t been awarded with the laptop. Now you can get that laptop from Government of Pakistan on easy installments.

Details of Government of Pakistan’s Laptop on Installment

Government of Pakistan Laptop Scheme
Provision for Laptop on Easy Installments
The GOP is considering a provision of laptop for students of Universities on easy installments. the total cost of equipment will be paid by the student in installment spread proportionately with the duration of degree program.Approx cost of equipment : Rs. 30,000/-
Duration of Program – Installment plan
5 Year – 54 Months (estimated Rs. 555/Pm)
4 Year – 42 Months (estimated Rs. 714/Pm)
3 Year – 30 Months (estimated Rs. 1000/Pm)
2 Year – 18 Months (estimated Rs. 1666/Pm)

All you have to do is to fill in the following form:

After filling the form Higher Education Commission (HEC) will contact you for further announcements.

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